"I love my kitchen, so glad I chose WKD!"

Meet the Team

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10 Hartford Ave
Granby, CT 06035
Phone: (860) 413-9204
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Walker Kitchen Design is a small, family-owned business specializing in kitchens and baths. Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to providing you with personalized customer service and unique innovative designs, while always considering your wants, lifestyle and budget. We take pride in giving our clients the perfect meld of a fully functional kitchen that is aesthetically beautiful as well.

As our client, we understand that you are allowing us into your home. For your complete piece of mind, all of our subcontractors have been handpicked by Jeff. Over the years, this small group of subcontractors consistently meet Jeff's high expectations of quality workmanship, always in a professional manner.

Our showroom is located in Granby Center at 10 Hartford Avenue. Please stop in and visit us to see all that we have to offer. We look forward to working with you.

Jeff Walker - Owner

Jeff has been a business owner, designer, consultant and remodeler for over 40 years serving the Farmington Valley area. During that time, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and skill in all aspects of residential and commercial construction. His scope of work has spanned new construction, remodeling existing homes, and restoration of many of the historic homes in the area. Over the years, Jeff has earned a reputation for his honestly, high standard of work ethic and attention to every detail.

In 2011, Jeff decided to turn his attention from the entire home (and his then-current business, Walker Built Homes), to focus on the real heart of the home - kitchens and baths. In May 2011, Walker Kitchen Design opened its doors at 10 Hartford Avenue, in Jeff's hometown of Granby, CT.

Since day one, Walker Kitchen Design has been welcomed and supported by the local community. Jeff's extensive background and experience enabled him to design a kitchen or bath for any age or style of home, and make that design a reality. Jeff, along with AJ and their team of professional tradesmen, consistently product work that is a perfect blend of high quality craftsmanship and superior customer service.

AJ Longo - Design Associate

AJ joined Walker Kitchen Design in 2011 as Jeff's apprentice, to pursue his passion for kitchen and bath construction and to learn the fine craftsmanship Walker Kitchen Design delivers. Since then AJ has worked hard and become an invaluable and integral part of the business. Not only does AJ work alongside Jeff on the jobsite, he has developed a real talent for kitchen and bath design. AJ is also our "computer guy." Trained to use 20/20 technology, the software that leads the industry for kitchen and bath design, AJ can take a client's dreams and translate them into a reality that can be viewed on the big screen in our showroom.

AJ is a lifelong resident of Granby. Prior to Walker Kitchen Design, he worked for 10 years in appliance installation and sales. AJ's knowledge and experience with appliances has proven to be another valuable asset contributed to WKD. And if working hard, having exceptional work ethic, and taking great pride in his work wasn't enough...AJ married Emily Walker (Jeff & Karen's youngest daughter) in 2013. Clearly he is brave as well!

Karen Walker - Showroom Manager

Before joining the Walker Kitchen Design team, Karen managed a busy dental office for 10 years. She now brings her organizational skill to Walker Kitchen Design, managing the showroom and keeping the many tasks of building on time and flowing smoothly. Married to Jeff for forty years, Karen knows building and design from all sides. She especially understands the uniqueness of each client and the importance of each project to the homeowner. Karen's goal every day is to provide exceptional customer service.